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"Vogelsi" balm

"Vogelsi" balm

  • Der Vogelsi balm. Pure, powerful and regional. Soothing and protective care for lips, skin, hands and feet. The Vogellisi balm supports, soothes and is good for you. This balm is made by ourselves using traditional handwork. With natural ingredients from our region and self-made mallow blossom oil extract. The Vogellisi balm was created in collaboration with Annemarie Stähli - author of the Vogellisi book. This balm was sold as He-Nu-So-De balm together with the book Vogelsi - ein Naturmärchen .

    Apply and rub lightly into desired areas. Very good for lip and skin care. The Vogellisi balm can be applied several times a day without any problems. 

    Great for taking care of your lips. Small but great! The Vogellisi balm fits in any handbag or jacket pocket and is therefore always with you. 

    It consists of Swiss rapeseed oil and mallow oil extract from controlled organic cultivation, Bernese Oberland beeswax, Kandertal tree resin from wild collection and essential lemon balm oil. No artificial preservatives, fragrances or colorings.

  • CONTENTS 5 ml

  • Pure craftsmanship...

    All products are made by hand with "heart".
    Pure craftsmanship!

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    Alternatively, you can pick up the products in Gaby's Hofboutique. For large quantities, please eine Vorbestellung with the choice of shipping method: trigger collection in Gaby's Hofboutique.

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    According to Swiss online law, products ordered online cannot be revoked.

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