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Fallow deer skull trophy 04

Fallow deer skull trophy 04

Natural product from the deer park. Fallow deer skull mounted on trophy board  with attached antlers. This noble product is built up in the form of 120 days of growth in fallow deer .

  • 1 trophy board with skull and antlers
  • Product is pure nature and may appear slightly different in color.
  • Wonderful as autumn decorations for the retail trade and of course for the Wildfan deer park.
  • product info

    All products are made by hand with "heart".
    Pure craftsmanship!

  • Return and Refund

    Delivery within Switzerland is by post. The shipping costs are calculated according to the weight and shipping method per order. A or B Mail according to the current Swiss Post prices.

    Alternatively, you can pick up the products in Gaby's Hofboutique. For large quantities, please eine Vorbestellung with the choice of shipping method: trigger collection in Gaby's Hofboutique.

  • Shipping Policy

    According to Swiss online law, products ordered online cannot be revoked.

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