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"Bärgfett" foot balm

"Bärgfett" foot balm

  • 100% natural. Der Bärgfett - foot balm cares and refreshes your feet - with an alpine scent. You can carry your feet supple again with joy and energy through the world. With chamois fat from Swiss hunting, Bernese Oberland beeswax, fir resin and many other valuable ingredients.

  • Inspired by handed down and proven local recipes,  the Bärgfett foot balm is made from natural raw materials from the Alps. Where possible from our immediate surroundings. Most of the herbs and flowers we cultivate are in the Kandertal in the Bernese Oberland. These plants offer wild bees and honey bees a valuable livelihood.

  • We develop and produce our foot balm ourselves with loving handiwork.  This allows us complete control over the use of the carefully selected ingredients. Bärgfett foot balm does not contain any artificial additives. It contains no paraffins or other petroleum derivatives and no artificial preservatives, fragrances or colorings.

    Swiss rapeseed oil (from certified organic farming), grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, gems fat, Bernese Oberland beeswax, mountain houseleek, fir resin, rosemary, peppermint

  • CONTENT 30 ml

  • Pure craftsmanship...

    All products are made by hand with "heart".
    Pure craftsmanship!

  • Return and Refund

    Delivery within Switzerland is by post. The shipping costs are calculated according to the weight and shipping method per order. A or B Mail according to the current Swiss Post prices.

    Alternatively, you can pick up the products in Gaby's Hofboutique. For large quantities, please eine Vorbestellung with the choice of shipping method: trigger collection in Gaby's Hofboutique.

  • Shipping Policy

    According to Swiss online law, products ordered online cannot be revoked.

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